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by admin on 29/12/2010

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When planning a wedding, you both first need to fix a realistic budget, no matter whether your wedding ideas for wedding reception venues are castle wedding venues, unusual wedding venues such as beach weddings, or alternative wedding venues.

Plan and set aside  quality time together for a few hours early after setting the first date, so you can talk through your wedding ideas and the wedding checklist without interruption from anyone else. When considering wedding themes, remember that traditional wedding ideas have been that other parties pay for some parts of the wedding costs, such as traditionally the father of the bride used to pay the wedding day costs, but that tradition has mostly died out, so negotiations are necessary at an early stage as to what wedding ideas other parties have to make towards the wedding costs.

More Wedding Ideas

Today, with the chances of both the bride and groom working, it is more usual for them to pay the full cost of the wedding themselves. By doing this, they can comfortably choose the type of wedding ideas to suit each other. Having said that, bear in mind that both sets of parents will want to contribute, so decide between you both if you want to suggest your wedding ideas of one set of parents pay for say the wedding reception costs, and possibly the other for the evening wedding entertainment

It may be that one set aside quality time together for a few hours after setting of parents would be willing to pay for the honeymoon while the other pays the guest house or hotel accommodation bill for principal guests. Whatever it will be, get these wedding ideas sorted early on in the wedding planning stage, so you can complete your wedding budget and book the wedding services to match that budget.

However, after talking all the wedding information through together, if you both decide that your own wedding ideas will be to pay for everything yourselves, therefore controlling every aspect of your big day, tell both sets of parents of your decision. Be firm but sensitive on this, but it’s just the two of you getting married and that’s the most important thing, it’s your big day.

Wedding Ideas Budget

To help fix a budget for each part of your wedding ideas, it is good to know what percentage of wedding costs might be apportioned. For each £1000 of the total cost of the wedding, base your budget along these guidelines:

    • Allow 40% for the wedding venues reception, to include venue hiring fees, bar and beverage costs, all wedding caterers fees including the wedding cakes.
    • Budget 15% of the total for all wedding flowers. This will include bouquets, decorating the church isle, wedding reception flowers and wedding table decorations.
    • Another 15% needs to be allocated to the wedding dress and men’s suits. Think jewellery, shoes, make-up artist, wedding hair, dress alterations and other such expenses, it’s essential these wedding ideas are included.
    • 10% should be allocated to wedding day music, to include church music and wedding songs, wedding reception songs and evening wedding entertainment including the fees of the wedding dj.
    • wedding photography will cost you 10% of your budget, but this should include the services of a professional photographer, wedding videos and the wedding albums.

    • Wedding invitations and wedding stationery should cost you no more than 5% of your wedding budget, to include the church order of service, reception table plans, postage stamps and evening wedding invitations.


  • More wedding ideas

    More wedding ideas

  • That leaves just 5% for everything else such as the marriage licence fees, wedding chair covers, gifts for the attendants, wedding cars and quite a few more wedding ideas which you will think of to make your day special to you both.

Don’t think that there are hard and fast rules and etiquette about wedding ideas planning, those days are long gone, just plan what takes your fancy, and you won’t regret it.

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