Wedding Ideas and Wedding Checklist

Hello, glad to see you here  on the Wedding North East Website. We take it that you must be getting married in the North East, so first of all we offer you sincere congratulations.

When you are planning a wedding, there are many decisions to be made regarding your big day.

Wedding North East will answer all of the most common questions for planning a wedding, such as:

  • Which wedding venue shall we choose?
  • How many guests should we invite?
  • What about cars? flowers?
  • How do we find a good photographer?
  • Do we want video?
  • The wedding dress – where from and do I hire or buy?

You have all the questions, Wedding North East has all the answers.

Wedding North East Pages

We hope you find some interesting and useful information on our website and learn a bit about the wedding planner, wedding invitations,  wedding dress, mens suits, wedding hair, ideas about wedding venues, wedding flowers, wedding songs for the church and reception, wedding photography and wedding videos, wedding cars, hotels and lots of other wedding planning help.

Wedding North East Extras

We’ve also added some useful wedding videos to watch and learn, and we hope you don’t mind, but we also added some humour by way of the wedding video and the photography video, watch it and have a good laugh as we did. Please tell others about our Wedding North East site, thank you. Return to Wedding North East Home Page.

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